Are sequoia trees a member of the redwood family?



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    Yes and no. Redwoods are the species Sequoia sempervirens, which is part of the genus Sequoia, which is in the family Taxodiacae, from the cypress.

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    sequoia trees are the sole species of the sequoia genus, in the cypress family. Some other names for them are the California Redwood, and Coast Redwood.

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    Coastal Redwoods and Sequoias are very similar in their red bark appearance, but have a few visual differences. The Coastal Redwoods grow closer to the ocean and receive more moisture. Redwoods are also taller and thinner than their Sequoia counterparts. Sequoias grow a little further inland, and are reminiscent of cypress trees in that they are full and thick trees, but on a larger scale. Though both have the reddish color, they do remain different visually.

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