Are seeds plant reproduction?



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    Yes, seeds are the way that plants reproduce. Plants produce seeds or spores through the process of pollination in order to reproduce. Some plants are self-pollinating and others need pollination from another plant. I have added a URL for a website that explains in more detail the entire process of plant reproduction.

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    Seeds are a part of plant reproduction. Essentially the way that most (flowering) plants reproduce is by making a flower which has female reproductive organs, other individuals create male reproductive organs (pollen), that then travels into the flowers in various ways (wind, bees, bugs, birds). Once combined a seed is produced, which then falls off the plant and hopefully finds the right conditions to grow. Inside of seeds is enough nutrients for the small seed to get started. Some plants make lots of seeds that have a low rate of survival (e.g. sunflowers), others release only a small number of seeds that have more nutrients to give each seed a better chance (e.g. coconuts). 

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