Are seed bombs being used in America?



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    Yes. Since guerilla gardening takes place in U.S. cities, it is reasonable to assume seed bombs are used. One technique for making a “seed bomb” is the “NYC Green Guerilla Grenade.” It is a balloon filled with water, seeds, peat moss and fertilizer.

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    Yes! Seed bombs, small balls of clay, compost material, and seeds, are even being distributed in Los Angeles from vintage gumball machines. A group called Green Aid came up with the idea to put the seed bombs in gumball machines around the city and use them to encourage people to re-seed vacant lots and other disused areas to help beautify communities. Customers insert a quarter and a few seed bombs come out of the machine, in addition to a set of instructions on where the best places in the city to toss the bombs are based on what seeds are inside.

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