Are sea urchins edible?



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    Absolutely.  I was recently snorkeling next to another person who was diving down to find sea urchins.  After he was done he got out of the water, sliced up a lemon squeezed it on top of the sea urchin and ate a few, he said it is quite a treat in Japan to eat sea urchins.  Here is a recipe from Bobby Flay for Sea Urchin Bruschetta

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    There are several species that are edible, but the majority of the 750 species of sea urchins are unfit for human consumption. Some edible species of sea urchins are the Paracentrotus lividus which can used as flavoring on omelettes, scrambled eggs, and fish soup. The Stronglyocentrus droebachiensis is exported to Japan and known as whore’s eggs. In the West Indies, Cidaris tribuloides is eaten. 

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