Are sea snakes poisonous?



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    Yes, the venom of sea snakes is often more toxic that that of land snakes though a sea snake bite is not generally fatal for a human because they often release less of their venom with each bite than other snakes. Sea snakes also tend to avoid contact with people though they can become very aggressive if they feel threatened.

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         Most sea snake species are highly venomous, but human fatalities are rare. Most bites occur on trawlers when the snakes are accidentally caught in fishing nets. The snake can control the amount of venom from its fangs, so not all bite victims are injected with venom. Sea snakes are generally reluctant to bite but can become aggressive if provoked or during mating season. An antivenin is available for sea snake bites.

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    Yes they are. The banded sea snake it a type of sea snake that is highly venomous and inhabits the warm tropical waters of the world. check the link for more information.  

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