Are sea horses used for food in any country?



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    Apparently, the Chinese use seahorses for medicinal purposes, including in the preparation of a seahorse soup. I also came across images and tales of seahorse skewars (–Its-fast-food-Beijing-style—But-Olympic-visitors-stomach-it.html).

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    As Lunafish describes in their answer, yes, the seahorse is eaten in China.  They are also exported and imported in the Philippines.  A TED Case Study on the seahorse trade has been attached as a link below.  The TED Case Studies (Trade Environmental Database) are part of the Mandala Projects – a forum in which new technologies and research are shared in an effort to discuss, and highlight pressing current affairs issues pertaining to a wide variety of subjects.  It was founded by a doctor from American University.  The report is interesting, and worth checking out – it says that the importing and exporting of seahorses is actually a bigger problem than most people realize – so much so that it is attributed to significant losses in seahorse populations.  Political action has taken place in order to address this problem.

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