Are screw tops, synthetic corks, or regular cork tops the most eco friendly option for wine?



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    Cork is where it’s at! Made from the bark fibers of Mediterranean Cork Oak trees, the material is about as sustainable as sustainable gets.

    Some say that continuing to use cork for corking will even help ensure that the 6.7 million acres that house this incredible material are sustained.

    Check out this awesome site’s homage to the wonderful world of cork:



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    Not trendy, but eco friendly is the screw top.

    Corks are nice, so nice, indeed, that cork trees are endangered. They have been cut down to make corks (and cork soled shoes, cork inlaid shoes, cork-table and chair tips, cork boards, and even cork accoustic tile.)

    The list goes on and on, but no longer does the noble cork tree. We need to haul back on our addiction to cork. Only then, might the cork tree have the long time it needs to grow, make baby cork trees and let them grow and so it goes.

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    Corks add a distinctive classiness to wine, however, cork trees cannot sustain the production of wine. Screw tops are the best alternative because they are easy to open and prevent tainting the wine (giving it that vinegary taste that happens when a cork seal fails. 

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