Are San Francisco buildings built to be more stable than others?



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    Yes, and they are even rebuilding the bay bridge as we speak to be more structurally sound in particular for earthquakes.  They bay area is located on a fault zone where transform plate boundaries exist and therefore the chance that an earthquake or large magnitude will occur there within the next ten years is VERY high.  The buildings in San Francisco have experienced previous earthquakes and therefore many have also been structurally modified.  Something that a lot of people do not know is that there are differing waves in the earthquake process some waves cannot travel through liquids so a new concept is to construct buildings on liquid foundations to help reduce the impact of earthquake waves.

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    Actually the most stable building is the Los Angeles City Hall.  It is the tallest building with base isolation in the world.  This means the building is actually built on springs, so when an earthquake hits, the building just gently moves with it, saving it from massive damage. 

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