Are salt marsh ecosystems similar to regular wetlands?



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    Yep! Salt Marshes are just like any ecosystem, in that they consist of a combinaiton of living beings, starting at microbes and moving up through the plant and animal kingdom to create their ecosystem.

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    From what I’ve found online, they are a subcatagory of wetlands. So yes, they are a “regular wetland”. However, they are still in a different catagory than bogs and swamps. The species in these lands are all very diverse.

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    Salt marshes are a variety of wetland.  By “regular” wetland I assume you mean the freshwater ones that you can find pretty much in any location around rivers and lakes.  They are very similar in that they are nurseries for fish species and support a wide variety of plants, birds, insects, etc.  The main difference would be that most salt marshes are influenced by tides.  They can only occur in areas where there are very low energy tides.  Estuaries are also sometimes misrepresented in this category.  An estuary is an area that is very similar to a salt marsh but occurs where fresh and saltwater meet.  I hope this helps!

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