Are salads better for the environment than other types of meat?



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    There are so many factors that would be part of answering this question completely, I’m not even sure where to start. In general, vegetables are “better” for the environment than meat, since growing a head of lettuce has far less impact on the soil and atmosphere than, say, raising a cow. On the other hand, a cow provides a lot more potential calories than a head of lettuce. It would all depend on what was in the salad (are you saying it would contain meat?), where it had come from, and how it had been grown.

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    It depends on what’s in the salad.  In America, a full meaty meal can be considered a salad if it’s on a bed of lettuce.  Be sure to have a lot of leafy greens and fresh vegetables, and just a tiny bit of protein.  If you do that, then yes, it probably is better for the environment.

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