Are sailfish populations threatened?



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    Sailfish are popular because they’re a prize fish; they are normally fished for sport. This is because they can get up to 10 feet long, weigh 220 pounds, and like a fight when they get hooked. They aren’t especially tasty because they’re tough to eat. Despite being a prized game fish, they have a stable enough population that they aren’t considered threatened (yet) and aren’t under any sort of protection.

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    As a species, sailfish do not appear to be particularly threatened at this time; likely because they have not become a very popular food fish. However, they are a predatory fish near the top of the ocean food chain, meaning that they could be vulnerable to over-fishing if their popularity as a food were to go up. Also, some distinct populations of sailfish are threatened, such as those in the Arabian Gulf. Arabian sailfish appear to be declining because they are incidentally captured in gillnets aimed at bringing in kingfish and tuna.

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