Are rubber flip-flops bad for the environment?



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    Harvesting rubber solely for shoes is always a second choice to using more natural and biodegradable materials.  There are a lot of sandals made with hemp or if you are not opposed to animal products leather.  However, there are some companies like simple, which uses recycled car tires for the soles of their shoes, or Keen which has some shoes made with recycled cork.  If possible, look for an alternative to virgin rubber products for your flip flops.

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    Well yeah, obviously.  Its rubber.  if it is “natural” rubber we have to transport it from the major production countries from Asia and South America (which obviously is a long travel) 

    If it is artificial rubber it will consist of things like petrolium (which is an Eco no-no) silica, which can have some problems and other bad stuff.

    Try to get flip flops made from a “green” substance.  They might not bas as cool looking, but its flip flops….they are pretty ugly anyways .

    Below is a link for flip flops made from recycled material. 

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