Are rose thorns poisonous?



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    No, they are not poisonous. They will, however, make you itch if you’re cut by them. It’s perfectly normal and not dangerous. Just wash the area with warm water and soap.

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    Rose thorns are not supposed to be poisonous. Roger Knapp’s website states that the common houseplants ” African violet, [Fuchsias], Roses, Ficus and Spider plants” are not supposed to be poisonous. If a rose thorn has given you a bad reaction it may not be caused by poison in the thorn so much as the more likely causes- bacterial infection or a reaction to herbicides on the plant. Because bacteria are found in vast numbers in the outdoors, a bacterial infection from contact with the thorn, the plant, and the soil are all possible reasons that the wound would appear to be affected by poison. For more information visit the website in the citation field below.

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