Are the ice roads in Alaska melting quicker than they ever have been?



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    Yes, and not just in Alaska. Thanks to the effects of global warming, ice roads, which are vital for travel and transportation of goods in frozen regions like the Arctic, are melting faster than ever before. The famous ice road in Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay, for example, used to open in the month of November as recently as 1991. Today it doesn’t open until January. You can see a graph showing the shrinking amount of time the ice roads are open in Alaska below (the bars represent the number of days per year the road is open).

    Alaska’s not the only environment suffering. In northern Manitoba, Canada, where ice roads used to be open 55 to 60 days a year, they’re now open 20 days or less some seasons. This melting is having a huge impact on the economies of these areas, because without the ice roads you will need to build paved roads through rural areas (very expensive) or move the cargo by plane (also expensive).

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