Are river otters or sea otters bigger?



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    Sea otters commonly grow to a greater size than river otters. Sea otters, Enhydra lutris, typically grow to be about 4 feet long, with males weighing 65 pounds and females 45 pounds on average. River otters, Lontra canadensis, can reach 3 or more feet in length and weigh between 7 and 35 pounds; males are usually larger than females.

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    The Giant River Otter is larger than the Sea Otter, though the North American River Otter is smaller than both. Giant Sea Otters are about 6 feet long and weigh 75 pounds. Sea Otters are about 4 feet long and weigh 65 pounds. The North American River Otter is smaller. Its body is only 21.75 to 31.5 inches long with a 11.75 to 19.75 inch tail and weighs 11 to 30 pounds.

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