Are ring worms or tape worms worse for you?



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    Although they have similar-sounding names, ringworm and tapeworm infections actually refer to completely different types of organisms.  Ringworm infection is not caused by a worm at all, but a type of fungus.  Though bothersome and highly contagious, ringworm is not dangerous to a healthy person, and is pretty easily treated.  Tapeworms are actual worms that live inside the digestive systems of animals or humans, and can grow to a pretty large size in there.  You get tapeworms from eating raw or improperly cooked fish or meat that has been contaminated.  Tapeworm infections in humans are not common in the US, but in some other countries are much more so.  Tapeworms are not usually fatal, but are definitely something most people would like to avoid.  It’s a toss-up which one of ringworm and tapeworms are actually worse for your body – but given the choice between a minor fungal infection and a giant worm in your digestive tract, most people would probably choose ringworm in a second!

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    I’m going to say that tape worms are worse for you because they are parasites that live off of the food you are trying to digest.  This can cause you health problems and make you sick.  Ringworm, on the other hand, is just a fungus, more like a rash or a wart, and doesn’t really make you feel worse than you normally would.  It can be unsightly and unpleasant, but it probably doesn’t have as bad a feeling as living with a tape worm inside of you stealing all your nutrition.  

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