Are Republicans targeting the EPA?



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    It depends on what you mean by “targeting”.  The Republicans want further study on EPA rules regarding various modifications to gasoline.  The Republican presidential candidates have not spoken favorably in regards to the EPA because they believe that various regulations are hurting the economy.  It is ironic, that a Republican President, Richard Nixon, created the EPA and it does seem as though the current incarnation of the Republican Party seem to want to fight against it.

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    After watching many of the debates from all the candidates, I wouldn’t say they are necessarily targeting the EPA so much as believing that many regulations from the agency are hindering many parts of the US economy, most likely the manufacturing, automotive, and oil industries. As far as dissolving the EPA entirely, I doubt that is the Republicans objective. Heck, if more green jobs came into being, I’m sure it would please them, because at least it’s “job creation.” I think the regulations from the EPA are just a small chunk of their overarching concern, the US economy and job creation, so I think even if the EPA is on their hit list, it’s very low on the list. I’m sure that they are very aware that uncontaminated water, air, and living areas is a good thing. I found this article if you are interested.

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