Are renewable energies reliable enough to depend on for our energy?



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    Renewable energy sources are not reliable in the sense that they are not widespread enough to sustain our future energy needs. It is expected that our energy needs will increase 50% in the near future, which is a huge increase how much energy we will have to produce. It is not a matter of how can we use just sustainable energy, it is a matter of how can we use all forms of energy effectively to provide for the future. Hopefully, one day, renewable energy sources will be reliable enough to provide for everyone’s energy needs, but at the moment, that is not a reality.

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    While j9r3o3d9 is right in saying renewable energy sources are not currently producing enough energy to be our only source, this does not mean that they are unreliable. The fact that sources such as wind and solar power are renewable means they are in a sense much more reliable than any of the finite sources we currently rely on. As we build more infrastructure renewable energy can hopefully become a larger and larger source for our energy.

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