Are regular old lays potato chips bad for the environment?



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    The ingredients listed for Lays Classic potato chips are: Potatoes, Sunflower Oil, Salt. I find it hard to believe that any of these ingredients are bad for the environment.

    There might be a concern about the bags in which the chips are sold, but FritoLay has been taking many steps to reduce the environmental impacts of their packaging as well.

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    One should take note that the potatoes and sunflower crops used to make Classic Lays potato chips are conventionally grown, meaning that pesticides and artificial fertilizers were probably used on the crops. Conventional farming methods drain the soil of its natural nutrients and pump synthetic chemicals into the ground; the roots of the plants soak up moisture beneath the surface of the soil where the chemicals have sunk. Traces of these chemicals are traceable in conventional crops and foodstuffs. The unsustainable distribution of Lays chips also has a strong negative environmental impact, as tons of CO2 emissions have been released to get Lays from the distribution plant to wherever it’s being sold. 

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    I use the waste oil to make bio-diesel and the 25lt jerrycans are great if one fills ’em with waste water and use to make raised beds. Cover the jerrycans in black plastic and the (winter) sun will warm the water and so raise the core temp of the earth in between. Grow root-crops in winter.

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