Are refurbished electronics a way to recycle old ones?



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    Yes, buying used items is always the greener way to go. Refurbished items don’t necessarily mean that they are used, it’s just that some parts may have had to be fixed – but this doesn’t mean that the refurbished item won’t be good as new. Buying refurbished electronics helps keep e-waste out of landfills, extends the lifetime of useful objects, and of course saves you money. Just make sure that the electronics really work as promised, and try to scope for the best deals possible.

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    Yup. Refurbished electronics is a great way to reuse old technology and extend its lifetime. Some people always want to have the newest model of whatever electronic they own, so older models are constantly being phased out. Others don’t care overly much as long as the technology is functional and are more than happy to sacrifice newness to save some cash. Refurbishing electronics is actually a better alternative to recycling electronics for their parts and materials, because only minimal work has to be done to pass it onto the next user.

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