Are redwood trees only found on the U.S. west coast?

And if so, why?



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    The main natural habitat for coast redwoods is the northern part of California and extreme SW corner of Oregon, near the coast. But that is not the only place that redwoods are found, addressing the question. Various cities have some for residential or commercial landscaping. We have a generous amount near Portland, and I’ve seen some in the warmer climates of Grants Pass and Medford, Oregon.

    New Zealand also has a fairly well known forest of them that was planted there many years ago.

    For the “why” they grow part of the question, I’ll address it as pertaining to where they can reproduce in nature.

    Obviously they grow to substantial size in many cities and in several countries. The entire reason they reproduce naturally in those west state coastal areas means that there are conditions there which enable seeds to both germinate and remain alive.

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