Are red tailed hawks endangered like the bald eagle?



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    The Cornell Ornithology center describes the red tailed hawk as North America‚Äôs most common hawk, as open country bird often seen in fields and perched on fences and poles.  The species is highly adaptable, and is not thought to be endangered.  They are especially thriving in Minnesota where they feed on rodents.

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    The¬†International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List categorizes the red-tailed hawk as “least concern”, which is the lowest possible threat level for species that have been evaluated. This rating was same since 1988 when the species was checked the first time.

    You are actually incorrect for saying bald eagles are endangered – they are listed as “least concern” as well. Just like red-tailed hawks, these eagles had this rating since first evaluation in 1988. IUCN says that their large range as well as large and growing population does not qualify them for any threatened or endangered ratings.

    So they are both equally not endangered.

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