are red tailed foxes on the endangered species list



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    Red-tailed foxes can be found throughout the world. Because they are able to sustain themselves on a flexible diet they can be found living among humans and eating garbage and pet food. Though they face dangers from hunters and are killed as pests in some areas, the red-tailed fox is not on the endangered species list. 

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    According to WWF and the 2010 Endangered Species Listing, the Red-Tail Fox is not on the Endangered Species List.  Foxes have been able to adapt quick nicely to the changing world and their always changing surroundings.  They can live in a variety of environments, like mountains, grasslands, forests, deserts, etc.  As well as being able to survive with the construction of towns, cities, farms and other types of communities.  Because foxes are hunters, they will eat almost anything and they are very flexible with their diets in terms of what they are capable of eating if their environment gives them no other choice.  Although this practice is not very common, many red-tailed foxes are hunted for sport as well as being killed because they can be seen as pests and carriers of rabies.  Although their future looks bright right now, something can happen and they may be placed in one of the levels of the Endangered Species List, which is where species are ranked in terms of their level of how close they are to truly being extinct.

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