Are rats a safe pet to get my kids?



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    As long as you keep the rat in a healthy and safe environment it should be fine. It is mostly the wild rats that carry diseases and such. Also, make sure you buy a pathogen free pet. The pet store should be able to confirm that your pet is disease free. Then just keep it’s cage clean and it should remain disease free! To make sure the rat doesn’t bite you, just make sure to not startle it and keep it feeling like it is safe and has no reason to bite.

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    if its normal, yes.rabies through,are a diffrent story.

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    Rats make excellent pets for kids—OLDER kids.  Little kids cannot be trusted not to hurt rats accidentally. Plus, older kids can take care of cleaning the cage.

    Rats are loads of fun for older kids who can build mazes and things for the rats to navigate, and find creative ways to play with them.

    Rats are very loyal.  Boy rats are different than girls.  Boy rats like to sit around like huge slugs and watch TV on your lap (keep a towel handy, they like to pee), while girl rats are more “busy” and prefer exploration and climbing around.  Again–towels are a must.  Rats don’t really care where they pee, it’s just something they do, HOWEVER, they CAN be trained to use a litter box, and they will use it consistently once trained.

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