Are rats bad for the environment?



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    According to an answer at this website as to the worst invasive species, rats are the number one invasive species in the world.

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    No they are actually really good for the enviroment they help get rid of A LOT of watse that ruin our enviroment 🙂 <3 Channel and Camri Ledesma

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    Rats can be an important part of the ecosystem when they are in an area with natural predators. But when they are not in an area with natural predators, they certainly do more harm than good. They have been known to cause declines to the populations of many species, particularly species on islands, in areas where they have been introduced.

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    No they are not i actullay have 3 rats as pets and they are great but they are not bad for the enviroment becuase what do they really do to the enviroment

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