are racoons evil?



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    Possibly, although it would be difficult to apply human moralistic concepts of good/evil to most species in the animal kingdom. It would be difficult, furthermore, to apply the label of either “good” or “evil” to the entire raccoon community as a whole. I have noticed that raccoon families are very close-knit and the young are well-guarded, so at least they have good family values. But one time my sweet little kitty was attacked by an evil raccoon who swiped her across the face. Sounds pretty evil to me. So I guess the answer is that it depends on the ‘coon.

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    Raccoons are wild animals, so you should’t approach them -not to mention they carry rabies fairly often.  But animals aren’t “evil” -they’re just doing what they need in order to survive. Because of their intelligence and dextrous hands, they’re adapt at breaking into our trash, which many of us find a nuisance.  

    They do a lot better in our cities than most other wild animals, and we find them distasteful because they’re “in our space.” But we were the ones who destroyed the raccoons’ natural habitat in order to build our cities, with little thought to the creatures who had lived there for thousands or millions of years; it seems a bit silly of us to complain that some refuse to leave.  If you really have to call anyone “evil,” perhaps it’s us.

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    Obviously, no, raccoons aren’t evil. The concepts of good and evil suggest a sentience that animals just aren’t capable of. They react almost entirely by instinct, they exist solely to survive. In order to get into the realm of morality, raccoons would require a far greater degree of intelligence than they possess.

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