Are race horses one of the fastest land mammals?



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    Cheetahs are actually the fastest land mammals which can run up to 70mph! The gazelle, its pray, is second on the list. Hope this helps! 


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    The quarterhorse seems to be the fastes of all horse breeds, which accounts for its name (it can out pace any horse for about a quarter mile).  Depending on the source it is listed the 3rd of 6th fastest land mammal, but the sources agree it has a top speed of roughly 50mph, but does not have the endurance of other horses such as the thoroughbred which is commonly used for racing.

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         Though they aren’t nearly as fast as cheetahs, racehorses are among the fastest land mammals. A thoroughbred racehorse can run at speeds of up to 40mph. Quarter horses can reach speeds of 50mph over short distances.

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    The Quarter Horse is an exceptional sprinter deriving its name from its ability to outdistance other horses in a race of a quarter mile or less. It is the most popular breed within the United States with almost 5 million horses registered worldwide. Although not as fast as the cheetah, they can reach up to 47 miles per hour and is considered the sixth fastest mammal in the world. 

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