Are race horses bigger than other horses?



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    Good question, Evangeline. I don’t think so. All sorts and breeds of horses are used in horse racing, but the top of the line race horses as Thoroughbreds, like the kind raced at the Kentucky Derby and Ascot in the UK. The typical Thoroughbred horse is between 15.2 to 17 hands high, which is about 62 to 68 inches. I could not find any indication that these dimensions are notably bigger than other types of horses. Most horses bred in the US and Europe today are used for riding to one degree or another (though not necessarily racing), because the main historical use of horses–for transportation and pulling carts–has of course declined dramatically due to the use of automobiles.

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    Racehorses, or thoroughbreds specifically, usually have longer legs than most horses but are also on the slender side.  They are build like greyhounds – to be quick and light on their feet.  While there have been exceptions throughout the years (take Seabiscuit as an extraordinary example), the majority of racehorses are tall and gangly.

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