Are raccoons mean?



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    Raccoons are naturally curious animals. Since they are nocturnal, they do not have much contact with humans, but many raccoons are very inquisitive. This is how they get into closed buildings and trash cans. If startled, they can attack and act quite vicious, particularly when protecting their young, but they typically avoid conflict with humans.

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    Raccoons are intelligent, cunning, and curious about their environment. Because their habitat is so strongly overlapped with the human habitat, there are many instances of raccoon and human interaction – not all of them pleasant. Many raccoons are shy and quiet and likely to run away from humans. However, raccoons are wild animals and their first instinct is to survive and protect their young. If they feel threatened or believe that their offspring are threatened, they can attack. In addition, raccoons are known to be vector species, or common carriers, or the rabies virus. While infected, the raccoons may suffer symptoms such as unusual friendliness, loss of coordination and motor skills, paralysis or unprovoked aggression.

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