Are raccoons dangerous?



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    Naturally, raccoons are not harmful to humans, they do not prey on humans and are generally nocturnal. Now if you see a raccoon during the day, it is best to stay away from this raccoon. Raccoons (especially if oyu see one during the daytime) are prone to having rabies, so they could be dangerous to people.

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    Under normal circumstances, a racoon will not try to harm you unless it is provoked. But if you annoy or frighten one, yes, it can do quite a bit of damage with its claws. The best idea is to enjoy them from a bit of a distance if you happen to see one, but don’t try to feed or handle them.If you’re watching them, make sure they have a way out of the situation so they wont feel cornered.

    On the other hand, racoons are one of the mammals that can easily get rabies. This disease makes them likely to attack people viciously with no provocation, and if a person is bit, they can also contract the deadly disease. This is another reason not to approach any racoon. And if you see one out in the middle of the day, especially if it seems dazed or sick in any way, it’s best to call Animal Control.

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