Are rabbits mammals?



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    Yes, rabbits are mammals they give birth to live young and lots of them too!  I know because I have had lots of rabbits that have bred and then we had “tons” of rabbits.  It is important to have your rabbit fixed and or choose rabbits that are different sexes so that we do not have an overpopulation of rabbits within our society.

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    Yes, rabbits are mammals. In most cases you can usually tell if an animal is a mammal if it is warm blooded, has a backbone, has/had some variation of fur/hair, produces milk, and gives live birth to its young(with some expectations). Scientifically there are specifics that define a mammal in which we cannot necessarilysee. These specifics are of more detail of the animal’s anatomy.

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    Rabbits are mammals.

    Mammals are warm-blooded creatures with fur or hair.  Most mammals give birth to live babies instead of laying eggs.

    Humans, dogs, whales and lions are some other examples of mammals.

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    Rabbits are mammals because of these reasons:

    1. They are warm-blooded.

    2. Their young are born alive.

    3. Their bodies are covered in fur. 

    4. They contain vertebrae. 

    5. They have lungs in order to breathe air. 

    6. Their offspring feed on their mother’s milk. 

    These are all characteristics of mammals, and since all of them apply to rabbits, rabbits are therefore mammals. 

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