Are pygmy humans short mostly because of their diet?



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    Pygymy people are short statured people mainly relegated to the rainforests of the world and various theories have been introduced to explain the origins of these peoples. One such theory is the lack of Vitamin D in the dark rainforests, the lack of this essential vitamin restricts bone growth and resulting in stunted growth; another theory states that the lack of calcium in their diet is to blame.

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    Traditionally, their diet has been thought to be a main factor in their size, but this may not be the case.  There are many proposed hypothesis that explain pygmies short stature.  One of the more interesting theories that has nothing to do with their diet is that they receive low amounts of ultraviolet rays, inhibiting their skin’s ability to produce vitamin D, which in turn limits the amount of calcium they can intake.  The lack of calcium, in this case, being the reason for their small skeletons.

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