Are public charging stations available for electric cars?



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    The first public charging station was unveiled in 2009 in East Woodland, California.  Although there still aren’t as many as a lot of peope will like, since then the number of electric charge stations has been steadily increasing across the nation. 

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    The Federal government has recently announced a $37 million plan that would build a few thousand charging stations spread out over 9 U.S. cities (Austin, TX Portland, OR, Orlando, FL, Los Angeles, CA, Washington D.C., Detroit, MI, and three others). By creating the infrastructure before it is truly needed, the government is hoping to artificially stimulate growth the electric car market. The Obama administration has set a goal of 1 million electric cars on the road by 2015. They have also included a $7500 rebate for buyers of electric cars in their 2012 budget proposal.

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