Are the propane tank exchange programs better for the environment than bringing your tank somewhere to have it filled?



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    No, mostly because it is more efficient to bring the propane to a filling station than it is to have a truck that carts the tanks around. The truck carrying the tanks has to go to every place, load th etanks, go to have them filled, then come back, which is combined with the fact you have to drive, drop it off, pick up a new one, and drive back anyway. The filling truck makes one round trip fillng up propane tanks every time.

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    It could be close to the same, but I don’t think the exchange programs would be better for the environment.  With the exchange programs you would not have to have many smaller tanks at gas stations and hardware stores.  A central location with one large tank will reduce the number of separate places one tanker of propane will have to drive around to fill.

    However, you also need to think about the number of tanks that need to be made for these type of exchange programs.  If you just get your tank refilled you may need one or maybe two tanks total for your household.  However, if you are participating in the exchange program, the company has to have many more tanks on hand to ensure their customers can get one when they need it and do not seek out other options.


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