Are propane furnaces more environmentally friendly than wood stoves?



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    Since propane and natural gas are fossil fuels, they are non-renewable resources.

    Wood, however, is technically a renewable resource because trees can be replanted.

    So, in terms of what fuels the stoves, a wood stove would be more environmentally friendly.

  2. jet
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    I would opt for the wood burning stove. You can look to buy “sustainable wood” that is harvested responsibly to ensure that you’re being as conscious and responsible as possible. 

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    I think I would vote against wood burning stoves. The emissions that are released from the wood you are burning not only hurt the environment but it can also hurt the people who may be breathing in the emissions from it. There are a lot of people who have no choice but to cook using wood and all of those locations combined are contributing to a few environmental issues.

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