Are programs that give laptops to children in developing countries contributing to conservation in any way?



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    This is not a practice generally done because of its environmental ramifications. While it is true that these laptops can be solar powered or powered by a setup using a bicycle pedal, they are used for another purpose. That purpose is stimulating economic growth in a country that desperately needs it. Investing in potential human capital is one of the most important things to maintain consistent economic growth. By investing in the education of young children we hope to help developing countries to help their own population and eventually contribute to the global community in a meaningful way while looking developed countries, eye to eye.

    The contribution to conservatism would be conjecture but I think that by producing these laptops that have cranks or pedals, these programs are helping. They create incentives for large computer corporations to invest in Research and Development of Green computers with no energy footprint after production. In addition to this, when the countries get past basic needs and become developed they should have a greater financial capacity to focus on the environment.

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