Are private institutions a better environment for animal research than zoos?



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    There is not a dfinite yes or no to this answer, since zoos are generally state or county run, they can fall under supervision of the government to ensure that the animals are treated in an unobtrusive and respectful manner. Although private institutions may have more funding and therefore provide a higher standard of living, they may also lower there standards and claim there research animals as private property, to which they can exercise any number of practices that would be much more difficult to monitor.

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    The most important factors in how an institution runs is the amount of funding they have and the expertise of the staff. Many small private institutions either have very little funding because they are nonprofit or have lot of money because they have one or more great supporters. Many zoos are public and receive government or state funds.

    The staff in zoos also are very busy interacting with the general public. They answer questions and show live animals to visitors. If the zoo does not have a large staff, it may be difficult to find people or time to concentrate on breeding programs and research.

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