Are prefab homes cheaper than conventional homes?



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    Yes, one study showed that the average value of manufactured houses was $42,501 while the average price for on-site built houses was $139,006.  It must be taken into account the that average size of the manufactured houses  was 1,297 sq. ft., compared to 1,669 sq. ft. for on-site built houses.  More factors must be considered when comparing the value of these houses, as manufactured homes were less likely to have fireplaces and carports.

    Manufactured housing is generally less expensive than site-built housing, mostly because of a greater ability to control costs in the manufacturing process than with on-site construction. One reason for this difference is the speed of manufacturing: there is no time for costs of materials to rise, and there is little or no need for construction loan money.  Also, manufacturers can take advantage of price discounts when ordering in bulk.

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