Are potluck parties good for the environment?



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    Potlucks can create a lot of waste and use lots of energy but there are ways that they can be more eco-friendly. Incorporating as many raw foods as possible will minimize energy use, making sure everyone brings their own reusable utensils will reduce waste, and using organic and local ingredients when possible are just some ways to make your potluck more sustainable. Also, encourage carpooling or alternative transportation options to the location.

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    I don’t see why they would be bad for the environment.  However, as long as everyone brings enough to feed themselves you will have a environmentally friendly party but most people bring excess food which can result in throwing a lot of the food away.  Take home leftovers, use recycled products, and don’t litter.  Following these steps can lead to a more environmentally friendly pot luck party.

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    I dont think its any more harmful to the environment than if everyone ate those meals at home by themselves or out at a restaurant (particularly if transporation does not involve fossil fuels). And while food waste could be an issue, I have yet to hear a sound reason to throw away any good food or why not to compost old food.

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    Potlucks could be bad for the environment if a lot of disposal dishes are used, if extra food is made and thrown away, or if a lot of travel is done to gather ingredients or meet with the group.

    If a meeting is already being held and a potluck is planned, encourage everyone to put the food in reusable containers and to bring dishes that they made with items purchased locally. If there is a lot of extra food, check to see if a local soup kitchen or homeless shelter could use the left-overs.

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