Are the positive effects of recycling much greater than the negative effects?



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    If you visit many unmoderated environmental forums, you will probably run into someone trying to convince you that recycling actually does not have many net environmental benefits. It is not clear why these people continue to spread untrue rumors designed to discredit recycling, but it’s generally best just to ignore them. The truth is, recycling has huge environmental benefits. Though it of course requires some energy to recycle paper, plastic, and other materials, the energy needed is much less than would be needed to create these products from scratch in the vast majority of cases. In addition, recycling, recycling cuts back on the need to extract new resources from the environment, and of course diverts huge amounts of material from the waste stream. On those unmoderated forums I mentioned, some individuals will produce a variety of unproven statistics designed to show there are no actual energy savings connected with recycling. Be assured; in the great majority of cases these come from un-reputable studies, and should not be taken seriously.

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    It definitely has much more environmental benefits than creating new products. This is especially the case with paper. Destroying more trees would release a tremendous amount of carbon dioxide and fill a great void in photosynthesis production, creating oxygen. 

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    I have not heard of one negative reason to convince people from recycling. Have you personally heard of any or do you just want to know if others have? As long as I have learned recycled is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way to reduce and reuse.

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    I really don’t think there are any negatives to recycling.  If there are, they are infinitesimal compared to the enormous benefits.  Recycling prevents waste from being forever rotting in a landfill and polluting the earth.  I can’t find much fault with that.  

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