Are politicians doing enough to combat climate change?



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    Unfortunately, politicians in most countries that are major emitter of global warming pollutants are not yet doing what the vast majority of climate scientists agree needs to be done to combat global warming. This December countries from around the world will be working to forge a new international climate treaty to reduce emissions; but so far, few countries have shown the kind of leadership in reducing their own emissions that is likely to be needed for a new treaty to be successful. The United States in particular has failed to take on a leadership role in this process; although President Barack Obama has repeatedly said that global warming is a priority for him, so far he has not indicated that he will do very much to ensure the world adopts a strong climate treaty. High-profile experts on climate change have urged Obama to go to in person to the climate negotiations in December and push for a strong treaty, but so far it looks unlikely that he will commit to going. If politicians in the United States and elsewhere do not begin taking more serious steps soon, it may be impossible to avoid catastrophic climate change.

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