Are Polaroid cameras bad for the environment?



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    Polaroid actively tries to promote environmental stewardship.  They have made many agreements with World Wildlife Fund and the Center for Energy and Climate Solutions (CECS) in an effort to promote a better environment globally.  Such agreements include cleaner energy from the factory itself as well as more effective energy solutions in general.  Overall, the waning success of the camera is not due to any sort of environmental destruction, but rather sales.

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    Polaroid cameras may not be as efficient as digital cameras because they automatically create a hard photograph.  Everyone knows that not all photos turn out great and always kept… therefore, instant film may not be the most efficient way of taking photos.  Since many people want their photos to end up on their computer, and may not want hard copies anyways, digital cameras are more efficient for this purpose.  Polaroid cameras and instant film are now no longer being manufactured. 

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