Are plug in hybrids really expensive?



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    It depends on what you want to get. The Toyota Prius, expected to be the most popular plug-in hybrid vehicle, retails for about $22,000 to $28,000, which is actually not bad for a new car these days. The Chevy Volt, which has had a troubled history but is finally expected to debut in November 2010, is expected to retail for around $32,000. Incidentally this is pretty comparable to prices for plug-in hybrids in other countries. China’s F3DM PHEV-68 goes for the equivalent of $22,000 US. The real savings in plug-in hybrids are, of course, from fuel costs and efficiency which are their main selling points.

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    Plug-in hybrid vehicles are a little more expensive, just like the other clean technology vehicles currently out on the market.  One thing to consider is that plug-in hybrids have the potential for significantlty better gas mileage, Calcars reports up to 100+ mpg, depending on the car.  There are also federal tax rebates available for certain brands as well.

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