Are plug in hybrids more expensive than regular hybrids?



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    The Nissan Leaf, Nissans 2011 fully electric car, is slated to cost $32,780.  While the 2010 Toyota Prius MSRP is $28,070.  So the short answer would be yes.  The advantage of a purely electric car is the fact that it requires absolutely no gasoline.  Think of how much you spend in gasoline.  Most likely the $4,700 difference would be made up over the life of the vehicle.  While some public recharge stations are slated to be built they will not be nearly as available as a gas station.  The Leaf makes claims to be able travel 300 miles per charge.  This is a great leap over the current vehicles that average 100 miles.  To be vehicle for small to mid distance travel the fully electric cars make a lot of sense, but for any extended duration becomes impossible.  Either version will cut down on daily travel expense.  The Prius claims up to 51 mpg and the Leaf, obviously, can travel 300 miles at a time on a single charge.

    Possible government rebates apply to both the Prius and the Leaf

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      My apologies. Initial reports claimed the Leaf would get 300 miles per charge, but based on an article put out by the AP today states that the Leaf will get 100 miles per charge.

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    This all depends on the specific car that you want. The new Nissan Leaf will be priced at $32,780. A 2010 Honda insight is about $23,000. As far as non-luxury brands go, it seems a plug-in may be more expensive but that the prices are still comparable. 

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