Are plastic bottles as big of a problem in landfills as plastic bags?



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    I would presume so. Only a small percentage of plastic bottles are recycled, and some enormous amount are used on a daily basis (literally in the millions) so I would say that yes, they are as much of a problem as plastic bags in landfills. Recycling programs hopefully can rectify this, but I feel that more focus needs to be placed on reusable bottles than plastics.

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    Yes it would be safe to say so. But plastic bottles are still easier to recycle and are being recycled. Plastic bags are more difficult to recycle because they are harder to collect. I came across a site which gives you an idea how bad the situation is, less than 1% of plastic bags are recycled and it’s cheaper to make a new one. Also more and more countries either ban plastic bags altogether or heavily tax them. 

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