Are plants or animals more important to us?



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    From a utilitarian perspective (how useful they are to us) the answer is easily plants. We rely on plants for food far more than animals. Indeed, people can be vegetarians very healthily, but you can’t be at all healthy if you eat only meat. Additionally, plants are useful for many other products (i.e. paper comes from trees). Animals are useful too, but not as crucial as plants. However, from a conservation perspective, most people are more concerned with saving animals, simply because they are easier to enjoy. Saving polar bears sounds much more noble and interesting than saving a plant species in a marsh.

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    If you are going by basic food chain factors, plants are very important for the circle of life. The majority of animals and humans rely on plants for food, directly and indirectly.

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    I think plants and animals have an equal importance in this world. I believe that this world runs on a certain balance, and there needs to be this continuous balance in the future. With people cutting down trees or illegally killing animals, it shifts the natural balance and disturbs everyone. I don’t think there should be more of an importance on either plants or animals, but I think they both help make the world what it is today.

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    The answer is clearly plants.  Without plants, all animals would eventually cease to exist.

    This is from Enchanted Learning:

    So even though only primary consumers eat plants, all of the other levels of consumers eat primary producers or those who eat primary producers.  Without plants, primary producers would go extinct, which would lead to the extinction of secondary, tertiary, and quaternary consumers as well.  Humans are quaternary consumers, so we would also die eventually.

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