Are plants always producing oxygen or do they kind of breathe like humans?



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    Yes, they do kind-of breathe. They produce oxygen with photosynthesis, which stores energy for later use in the form of glucose and other organic compounds. However, much of this glucose is subsequently converted back into carbon dioxide when the plant is going about its business. The rest of the carbon is stored in the plants tissues. If you cut down a tree and burn it, all the carbon that it stored will be released and it will be as if the tree never existed in the first place. However, if the tree dies and gets compressed into coal, the carbon will be captured and remain deep under the surface of the earth. However, if the coal gets extracted and burned, all that carbon dioxide goes right back into the atmosphere.

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    Plants produce oxygen through photosynthesis, which is a light dependant process. At night, when it is dark, there is no photosynthesis and therefore no oxygen production. Plants also experience aerobic respiration, which is when they use oxygen and release water and carbon dioxide into the air.

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    Happyhodges and sdasher are right. Plants produce oxygen through a process called photosynthesis. Sunlight produces carbon dioxide and the plant takes the carbon dioxide and turns it into oxygen. That’s a simplified explanation of course and here is a diagram to help illustrate it better. I’ve also included a video in my citation.photosynthesis


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