Are plankton and krill related?



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    Plankton, also known as “the foundation of the Ocean Food Web,” are an important part of the Ocean’s ecosystem. They are made up of tiny organizims that can be both plant-like, e.g. phytoplankton, which absorb the sun’s energy through photosynthesis and animal-like, e.g. zooplankton, which feed on other plankton.

    They can even include large organisms such as the Jellyfish. 


    Krill, is the common name given to the order Euphausiacea, a macroplankton group approximately 2 to 20 mm in size. Thus, plankton and krill are related.

    Did you know that Krill, one of the World’s smallest animals, is dinner for the Balaan Whale, one of the World’s largest?   

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