Are pit-bull a mean breed of dog or is it always how the owner raises them?



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    Unfortunately dogfights still occur in the U.S. and pit bulls which are bred to be mean and overly aggressive are usually bred to fight. Their owners may train them to be mean animals from the time they are adopted. Sometimes the aggressive behavior is the result of inbreeding which some scientists believe is creating a unique breed of pit bull. Other pits are nice and playful dogs, but they are always strong and powerful so their temperance largely depends on how they are raised. It is better to own a pit bull if you live without children who may provoke the dog or become targets. In general, they are more aggressive than most breeds. 

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    Pit bulls are not by nature aggressive and vengeful animals.  Those characteristics, among others necessary for the dog fighting they are often forced into as Comitar commented on, are trained and taught to the dog so that they learn and take these behaviors on themselves in order to survive the circumstances they have to endure.  Just as humans are often taught ‘dysfunctional’ behaviors as young children that they carry with them throughout their lives, the same is true for the pit bulls that are trained to be fighters.

    By nature, pits are goofy and loving.  Their strengths lie in their companionship, strong character and superior intelligence.  They do have a natural ability to be aware of their environment and surroundings, making them an ideal guard dog as they are innately intuitive about potential threats, but do not attack with normal training and socialization.  Although all traits vary from dog to dog, most pits are not instigators, though they will rise to the occasion if presented with a challenge putting the responsibility on their owner to properly socialize and train them.  

    Unfortunately society has painted an inaccurate painting of these playful, friendly pups. 

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