Are pine beetles the biggest threat from pests to trees?

Or is there another type of pest that also is a big threat? (I just feel like I only hear about the pine beetle.)



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    Not necessarily.  It depends on the tree species, as well as the climate.  Pine beetles are a prevalent problem when winters do not get cold enough to kill them, wherever they live.  Pine beetles are definitely the current biggest threat to American forests, though.  There is an outbreak, which is causing a major carbon sink to be destroyed. 

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    They are one of the biggest threats to the white pine and are causing a lot of devastation to this species in the northwest.  Trees that have been killed by the pest emit a pheromone, and scientists have been able to reproduce it to create packets in order to protect areas.  They hang the pheromone packets on live trees to signal to the beetle that there is nothing there to eat.  While this method can only protect the trees within a certain radius, it does seem to be helping preserve some of the white pines.

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